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Affordable Therapy Help and Mental Health Counseling in Melbourne, Florida and Brevard County, Florida.

ACF Therapy Associates provids Therapy Help in Melbourne, Florida

Do you or a loved one need help and you are putting it off because of the cost of counseling?  Do you have insurance but cannot use it because you can't afford the high co-payment or still have not met your deductible? Do you feel lost and unsure about yourself and your future?

  • ACF Therapy Associates has caring therapy associates and students who volunteer to offer affordable therapy help and mental health counseling.  Reduced fee services is offered to those that meet established income guidelines. Each of our associates has an area of expertise in therapy and mental health counseling that is their passion.

  • We offer a professional and passionate team that will provide services to fit your mental health counseling needs and help you find lasting solutions for today and the future. Counseling and therapy services are available for individual counseling, couples counseling, family counseling, addiction counseling, and maternal mental health.

  • High quality individual (adult and children) counseling, family counseling, and couples counseling that fit into your budget.

  • Day and evening hours.

  • Spanish speaking team members.


Take a few minutes to get to know our team members on the "About Our Associates" page or call 321-514-4668 and one of our therapy associates will help you find the best match to meet your needs.

High Quality Counseling Should Not Empty Your Pockets!
High Quality Counseling

 Services Shouldn't

 Empty Your Pockets!

We offer counseling and therapy services for individual counseling, couples counseling, addictions counseling, pornography counseling, depression, anxiety, maternal mental health counseling, children counseling, teenagers services to include self-harm groups, grief counseling, pre-marriage counseling.

Our offices are located in the Boulevard Professional Center on the corner of W. Eau Gallie and Commodore Boulevard (1600 W. Eau Gallie Blvd., Suites 201D, F, H,U, K,L, and R) in Melbourne, Florida.  Eau Gallie High School is on on corner and ACF is on the other corner of Eau Gallie and Commodore.  Our office telephone number is 321-514-4668.

Boulevard Professional Center at 1600 Eau Gallie Blvd., Melbourne, FL
ACF Therapy Associates' Office Building
Change of Command!  On March 3, 2017 Earl Ledford, LCSW, ACF Therapy Associates (ACF) founder, transferred ownership to ACF's Governing Board.  This means ACF has become the first organization with a mission of meeting the needs of master level students and registered interns that is owned by registered interns.  ACF associated registered interns offer addiction counseling, individual counseling, family counseling, and couples counseling in Melbourne, Florida.
Pam Albert, LMHC Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Congratulations to Pam Albert, LMHC for completing all the requirements to be licensed as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in the State of Florida. She is also certified in hypnotherapy and holds a certification to use hypnotherapy for smoking cessation.  Call Pam at 321-339-9456.
Xerces Simpson, Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern
Congratulations to Xerces Simpson, MS for completing her master degree program on December 15, 2016. She is the second student that completed her master degree and has elected to stay with ACF Therapy Associates to establish her private practice. ACF Therapy Associates is truly blessed to have Xerces become a part of our community. Xerces has been a fantastic student to work with and is off to a flying start in the mental health community. Join us in wishing her well in all that she chooses to do with her faith and talents.
Call 321-514-4668 to refer someone to Earl Ledford, LCSW.

Attention for all licensed Clinical Social Workers and Mental Health Counselors in the Melbourne, Florida area!  ACF Therapy Associates loves to get your referrals for people that cannot afford to pay their insurance co-payments or fees established by your office. We currently have 10 registered interns and one student that provide affordable high quality, evidenced-based services.

We are here for you1!  We Listen! Self-Harm Group for Adolescents

Self-Injury Group for Adolescents

An eight week group for adolescents that engage in self-harming activities. 

Throughout the 8 week group teens will be establishing goals, identifying and processing feelings, discussing triggers, learning alternatives to self-injury and gaining coping skills as well as exploring their self image and increasing their self-esteem. A psycho-educational parent session is included as part of the 8 week program.

The eight week group is a prerequisite for attending the ongoing support group. New groups forming on a continual basis. (Each participant MUST complete an individual interview session prior to attending group) Call 321-704-7720 for more information.

   What Is Self-Injury?

ACF Therapy Associates offers Hypnotherapy Serviccs

ACF Therapy Associates offers hypnotherapy and hypnotherapy to stop smoking!  Call 321-339-9456 for more information and to make an appointment.

 What is Hypnotherapy?

EMDR with Julia in Melbourne, Florida
ACF Therapy Associates offers EMDR!  Call 321-345-0878 for more information and to make an appointment.

Call ACF Therapy Associates at 321-514-4668 today and start finding lasting solutions for today and the future.