• Finding Lasting Solutions for Today and the Future

    We help children, teens, adults, and families located in Melbourne, Florida.

  • Affordable, High Quality Counseling Services

    ACF Therapy Associates offers mental health counseling services for adults, children, teens, and families.

    Affordable Counseling Services

    Do you or a loved one need help and you are putting it off because of the cost of counseling? Do you have insurance but cannot use it because you can't afford the high copayment? or still have not met your deductible? Do you feel lost and unsure about yourself and your future?

    • ACF Therapy Associates has a caring team of licensed professionals, registered interns, and students who volunteer to offer affordable therapy help and mental health counseling.  Reduced fee services are offered to those that meet established income guidelines.  Each of our associates has an area of expertise in therapy and mental health counseling that is their passion.
    • We offer a professional and passionate team that will provide services to fit your mental health counseling needs and help you find lasting solutions for today and the future.  Counseling and therapy services are available for individual counseling, couples counseling, family counseling, addiction counseling, and maternal mental health.
    • High quality individual (adult and children) counseling, family counseling, and couples counseling that fit into your budget.
    • Day and evening hours.

    High Quality Counseling Services Shouldn't Empty Your Pockets!

    We offer counseling and therapy services for individual counseling, couples counseling, addictions counseling, pornography counseling, depression, anxiety, maternal mental health counseling, children counseling, teenagers services to include self-harm groups, grief counseling, pre-marriage counseling.

    How do we do it?

    Help us continue to provide low cost, high qulity counseling and therapy services to our community by donating to our scholarship fund. ACF Therapy Associates rely on donations to be able to provide low cost services to individuals and families based on financial need.

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