Erika Orriss, MS, RMHCI

    Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern


    Ms. Orriss specializes in dealing with Substance Abuse along with Chronic Pain & Chronic Illness. In addition to her work experience, Ms. Orriss has recently received formal certification from Troy State University stating she is a specialist in the area of Substance Abuse. This certification validates she has extensively studied the rehabilitation of substance abuse from both the viewpoint of the individual struggling with the addiction as well as the pain and frustration of the loved ones close to the abuser. Life can have deeper meaning, understanding, and love for all involved.


    Ms. Orriss also holds a strong passion to help those with chronic illness and/or chronic pain. Chronic illness and chronic pain can easily play into the start of an addiction if the emotions are not managed along with the medical needs. Many struggle with feelings of inadequacy and hopelessness after an illness or pain becomes chronic. Having personally dealt with both chronic pain and illness, Ms. Orriss can empathize and offer solutions and insights that only few can understand. Ms Orriss can discuss firsthand the difficulty often found in obtaining a diagnosis and the misunderstanding of family and friends. She can also relate to the frustration of all the classic "but you look so good statements" found with invisible illnesses.

    So if you are feeling alone or hopeless due to substance abuse, chronic illness or chronic pain Ms. Orriss can provide relief in a safe non-judgmental environment. She is also well versed in dealing with feelings of depression and anxiety that can co-occure with both areas of speciality. You can get your life back! Feelings of hopelessness and frustration become a thing of the past when you are able to express them with proper counsel in a safe and understanding environment.


    You can get you life back or better yet, the life you've always wanted!!



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